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  • Modesto Silverio on

    Dilip & Smita, it was a great pleasure to step into your store, March 26, and discover a new world of Oliva.
    My wife and I appreciate your excellent and educated explanations about the world of Oliva and vinagre. On Sunday, we enjoyed the products that we purchased during our visit. We’ll stay in touch and wish you and your family the best in your business.

  • Nita on

    The Olea Oliva is so much fun to browse in; a great place to let your imagination run wild as you sniff, read about and imagine all the amazing culinary possibilities… The ambience is cool and the staff are knowledgeable. The olive oils…. It really is yummy stuff! and a little does go a long way…. Sampling oils and vinegars before making the purchase really helps. For the record, I got the lemon pepper infused olive oil – it is so delicious on hummus, Habenero Infused olive oil for my husband’s spicier palate, fused Garlic Mushroom olive oil for my pasta’s, Modena 25 star Balsamic Vinegar for my salads and desserts, Honey Vinegar with Serrano Chili and finally the Smoked Hickory which are my daughter’s favourite. On my spree here I also indulged in spices and infused turmeric organic honey. The amazing spices are mostly affordable and because they are of high quality, a little goes far. Harissa spice for vegitables and kababs, Bharat spice an all-purpose spice blend for sauces, soups, grains, vegetables and meat. The Indian Pickles in Olive Oil are just delicious! My favourite is the lassan Ka Achaar in Olive Oil. If you are shopping for an indulgent gift for yourself or otherwise:-) you can customize your gift basket. I adore this place.

  • Davey Serrano - A Happy Customer on

    Thrilled we attended a pre-launch invite to pairing and tasting session. Taste buds went wild while comparing infused oil, vinegar’s and spices. Cooking with these was even more surprising. They even have one in my name “Serrano”, you have to try the Serrano Chile Honey Vinegar. Cooking is more fun and guests are wowed. No wonder their tag line is “We invite you to Indulge”. Smita and Dilip, thanks for bringing a tasteful multicultural offering to our neighborhood. I’ll soon list my top ten pairings.

  • Dilip Daya on

    Welcome to our Grand Opening on Saturday, March-5th-2016 at our store front located at:

    The Avenue East Cobb
    Olea Oliva!
    4475 Roswell Road
    Suite 1000
    Marietta, GA 30062
    Tel: (770) 321-0099

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