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Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Select one of the many high quality Olive Oils that Olea Oliva! has in stock. We carry Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Infused Olive Oil, Naturally Flavored Olive Oil and Fused Olive Oil from around the world. We stock olive oils from California, Chile, Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia.

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils:
These incredible products are achieved by a long an intricate process. Fresh herbs and/or spices are added to the olive oil and steeped for four to six weeks in the oil. At regular intervals, the oil is tested to ensure that no bacteria growth or contamination has occurred.  The resultant product is a truly fresh herb/spice flavor that will not dissipate with cooking.

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils Base Origin: Spain

Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oils: "Fused" extra virgin olive oil or what is also referred to as "agrumato" in Italy. The term Agrumato is Italian in origin, and originally referred to a process developed in Abruzzo of simultaneously crushing Lemons or Oranges with olives to produce exceptionally flavored olive oils. In addition to citrus, including limes, today this term is also used to refer to oils made with select herbs like Basil and Oregano, and bulbs of Garlic, Onions and Shallots. Agrumato, sometimes referred to as fusion, where the flavor is extracted directly from the fruit.

Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oils Base Origin: Spain

Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils:
Using a mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base, concentrates or extracts are added to achieve a healthy and tantalizing flavor profile.

Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Base Origin: Tunisian and Spanish Blend


USDA Olive Oil nutrient table

Extra Virgin Olive Oil nutritional panel