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Butter - Naturally Flavored EVOO

Butter - Naturally Flavored EVOO

$ 14.95

Dairy Free Naturally flavored extra virgin olive oil that is sure to delight your pickiest customers. The warm, smooth, and delicious taste of butter blends perfectly with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil's own flavor notes. Perfect as a healthy popcorn topping, on baked potatoes, or any other way you can dream up! This product is naturally flavored EVOO, and the product's nutritional content remains the same as regular EVOO. (Flavorings are vegetable based)

Classic Pairing: 25 Star BalsamicStrawberry Balsamic, Maple Balsamic

Heath Fact: Change is the Butter on Life's Bread

Here are some tips for using Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a butter alternative:

  • Using a spray bottle, spray onto hot popcorn
  • Use on vegetables such as corn on the cob or added to new potatoes or mash.
  • Put a small amount into rice while cooking to fluff it up and give it a buttery flavor.
  • Brush onto bread such as garlic bread, Panini, baguettes, English muffins)
  • Refrigerate in a bowl and then spread it over toast or rolls.
  • Use it for frying or scrambling eggs
  • Use instead of melted butter in baking (i.e. cakes, muffins, cookies). The rule of thumb is 3/4 of a cup of olive oil to replace 1 cup of butter

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