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Unflavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Select one of the many highest quality and freshest single and multi-varietal extra virgin olive oils that Olea Oliva! has in stock. We carry Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Infused Olive Oil, naturally flavored olive oil and fused olive oil from around the world. We stock olive oils from California, Chile, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the International Olive Oil Council and USDA Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil Grades and Standards

USDA Olive Oil nutrient table

Extra Virgin Olive Oil nutritional panel

Learning to taste olive oil: swirl, sniff, slurp, swallow...

Fun Fact:
“Extra virgin olive oil’s smoke point is generally given in the range 380 degrees Fahrenheit and above, which gives plenty of room for the 250-350 degrees Fahrenheit that covers most cooking,” says Karen Collins, a nutrition adviser for the American Institute for Cancer Research, a non-profit which funds cancer-prevention research.