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California Blend - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

California Blend - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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California Blend :  California Arbequina, Arbosana & Koroneiki

A wonderful complex multi-varietal extra virgin olive oil with a very fresh, fruitybeginning followed by the perfect amount of a pungent/peppery finish. Medium to robust flavor and aroma. Great for dressing salad greens, or garden pestos. Classic Pairing: Garlic Cilantro BV; Unusual Pairing: Lemongrass Mint BV

Arbequina: Originating in a small town near Sevilla, Spain, but is most commonly grown in Catalonia Spain. Arbequina Olives are also grown in Aragon, Andalusia, California, Argentinia, Chile and Australia. Arbequina trees can adapt to different climate and soil changes. While Arbequina is known to thrive in alkaline soils, it thrives in long, hot dry summers. Arbequina olives have one of the highest concentrations of oil which is why it's so widely used within olive oil production.

Arbosana: The Arbosana olive is produced from Tarragona Spain. The oil has a nutty and fruit forward flavor with notes of green tomato and almond. It has a touch of pepper on the finish.

Koroneiki: The Koroneiki variety is found throughout Greece but is native to the southwestern region known as Messenia, where it is grown solely to produce oil. In Greece, the Koroneiki is considered ‘the queen of olives’ and is recognized globally as the preferred varietal for oil production. The Koroneiki tree has grown there for more than 3,000 years and is a prolific producer. Oil from the Koroneiki olive is one of the most robust and pungent Extra Virgin Olive Oils. It has a complex aroma that is dominated by the smell of freshly cut grass and olives, and a taste profile that is fruity with a peppery finish.

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