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09/06/2022 - Art of making the perfect vinaigrette

09/06/2022 - Art of making the perfect vinaigrette

$ 50.00

Learn the art of the perfect vinaigrette, and how to personalize the flavor by using fresh, quality ingredients.

When you learn the simple technique of making your own, you have complete control of what goes into your vinaigrette.

At the end of this cooking lesson, you will be able to:

  • Make a basic vinaigrette and how to vary it
  • Identify common oils and acids used to make vinaigrette's
  • Use vinaigrette's in a variety of ways

NOTE: You will sample a small salad with the vinaigrette and take home 4 (4oz) samplings of the Salad Dressing we make in the workshop.

When: Tuesday 6th, 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Where: Olea Oliva!, 4475 Roswell Road, Suite 1725, Marietta, GA 30062
What: Art of the perfect vinaigrette
Cost: $50.00 pp

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