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09/14/2021 - Cooking Sattvic with Bottle Gourd Squash (Opo Squash)

$ 65.00

Bottle gourd is also called Lauki, Calabash or Opo. This vegetable might be very beneficial for you. I am the biggest fan. I would like to share the wonderful benefits of one of the oldest vegetables on the planet.

According to Ayurveda bottle gourd nourishes all the dhatus and keeps peace among the five elements.

Its madhura (sweet) and kashaya (astringent) taste cools any excess heat in the body especially beneficial for your liver. Unlike many other watery squashes it will not aggravate your Kapha dosha which has tendency to retain water.

On a subtle level Lauki is said to open the heart and calm the emotions.

When people take my cooking workshops, they are not cooking in isolation but rather with other people with whom they can share the experience of cooking and share some amazing deliciousness. Did you know cooking workshops help to restore the social aspect of cooking?  A recipe is a canvas that I get to create every time I teach a cooking workshop. As a Chef, we celebrate  you as an artist!  Your masterpiece will not end up hanging on a wall, though it ends up somewhere much more important.  Your artistic tools are your fruits, veggies, lentils, grains and healing spices full of Prana.

In this hands-on cooking workshop you will learn to create a nourishing Ayurvedic savory and sweet dish using this amazing squash and at the end of the workshop, you will get to enjoy your meal. 

When: Tuesday, September 14th, 5pm to 7:30pm
Where: Olea Oliva!, 4475 Roswell Road, Suite 1725, Marietta, GA 30062
What: Cooking Satvic with Bottle Gourd Squash (Opo Squash)
Cost: $55.00 pp

RSVP by Sunday, September 12th. Space is limited to 6, so please go ahead and reserve your spot by making payment.

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