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11/05/2020 - Ayurvedic Balanced Sprouted Mung Bean Burger Wrap

$ 30.00

Food is sacred, and the act of eating is a direct communion with Mother Nature’s divine energy.

To me this challenge represents a celebration of food’s ability to heal our bodies and our minds and to nourish our senses. A balanced diet directly nurtures the body, mind, senses and spirit. Eating the right and balanced foods gives us strength, sustenance, energy, and radiance.  Our mission is to play a small part in changing the way we eat, conversation by conversation, our company and every one of you is helping to change the way we eat.  

Ayurvedic Six Tastes - Balanced Mung Bean Burger Wrap

Meal Date: Thursday, November 5th 2020
Cost: $30.00 (meal feeds 2 people) 
Pick up time: Pick up at Olea Oliva! between 2:00pm - 4:00pm on Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Menu: - Ayurvedic Six Tastes - Balanced Mung Bean Burger Wrap

    Order by Tuesday, November 3rd for pick-up between 2pm - 4pm on Thursday, November 5th.

    Cancellation policy: We will need a minimum of 8 orders. In the event we have less than 8 orders, we reserve the right to cancel and will provide you a full refund. 

    ​Thank you for understanding.

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