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5. Ayurvedic Post Partum Meal Plan

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In Ayurveda, the postpartum period following childbirth is considered to be a 42 day sacred window for the mother to rest, re-center, and find balance so that you can focus on resting, nurturing herself, bonding with and feeding your baby. The key to postpartum care of the mother is to calm vata (the ether and air elements). 

During pregnancy, a woman’s body prioritizes sending nutrients to the fetus. The 42 days post-birth reorients the system and prioritizes the nourishment of her own body. It is important to recognize that a “nutrient” does not just mean food, it is anything that you intake – food, liquid, air, perceptions. That is why a 42-day postpartum regime takes a truly holistic approach. 

Smita will be using warming spices to support digestion, as well as circulation and milk production and ayurvedic herbs like Pippali (ganthoda), Saunth (ginger powder), Fenugreek, Carom Seeds, Ashwagandha and Shatavari powders in the meals. And meals will be cooked based on seasonal vegetables.  All grain and nuts will be sprouted to bring back the prana (lifeforce).  Meals will be prepared for the 4 phases of the postpartum (6 weeks) which includes freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and teas. Restore your body, mind and soul so you can, in turn, share it with your loved ones.

Additional fees apply depending on location + transportation.

  • Day 1-3 – Cleansing and Digestion
  • Day 4-10 – Digestion and Lactation
  • Day 11-21 – Lactation and Rejuvenation
  • Day 22-42 - Rejuvenation

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