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Alessi Fior D'Olio Olive Oil Taster with pourer by Marta Sansoni

Alessi Fior D'Olio Olive Oil Taster with pourer by Marta Sansoni

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“Filo d'olio” has been designed by Marta Sansoni (an architect and designer living in Florence (Italy)). “Fior d’olio” is a little iconic mechanical gem for use with “green gold”, another name for olive oil. “Fior d’olio” is a cap with a pouring spout that fits into the neck of the bottle, allowing you to pour only as much as you need on your food, while controlling the oxidation process that begins as soon as the bottle is opened. The small glass container that houses it has a second function: to assist professional tasters to sample the oil according to the time-honoured tradition.

The container is for oil tasting and the pourer can be used on a bottle of oil. Once the bottle is empty, the cap can be put back on the container until it is to be used once again.

The glass container, designed to aid in the oil-tasting process, is coloured to prevent the oil’s appearance from influencing how it is assessed.

Its shape tapers as it moves towards the mouth of the glass so that the aroma of the oil wafts towards the taster’s nose.

Poetic and refined, “Fior d’olio” is reminiscent of the stem of a freshly picked olive; a hole found inside the leaf allows air to pass through and this allows the oil to pour out.

The item is easy to clean since it can be washed in the dishwasher. “Fior d’olio” is part of the “Objets-Bijoux” collection produced by


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