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Chipotle Flavored Sea Salt (3.5 oz) 99 g

Chipotle Flavored Sea Salt (3.5 oz) 99 g

$ 16.50

Real smoke-dried jalapeños combine with all-natural sea salt to create a rich, toasted Southwestern flavor in our Fusion® Chipotle Sea Salt. The mild, smoky heat of chipotle is a great way to naturally season adobo marinades, beans, chicken tortilla soup and other Mexican-inspired dishes, but don’t stop there. Chipotle Sea Salt is a versatile kick that pairs well with tomato-based sauces and BBQ, but can also complement honey-sweetened glazes and desserts. With an earthy warmth that could please any palate, Fusion Chipotle Sea Salt is the perfect spicy salt to liven up your meals.


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