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Cyprus Black Lava Flake Salt

Cyprus Black Lava Flake Salt

$ 15.95

Artisan® Cyprus Black Sea Salt Flakes are a stunning addition to any salt selection. The beautiful glossy, black pyramid-shaped flakes are the result of the union between our striking Cyprus Flake Sea Salt and activated charcoal derived from coconut shells. Extra crunchy, salty and dark, Cyprus Black Salt works best as a finishing salt and adds glamour to any meal. Delicious on white fish, cream soups and sauces, salads and even as a topper for white chocolate desserts, this salt is uniquely eye-catching on the shelf in specialty stores & grocery.

Shaker Jar: Made of unbreakable BPA-free polycarbonate that looks like glass but is durable for everyday use, our new salt shakers were intentionally and thoughtfully designed with a unique square shape and standard display width to fit in retail spice racks and always face forward. The lid was engineered to ensure it closes tightly, keeping the containers airtight, even if some salt grains stick to the top or in the hinge. Easy to merchandise with eye-catching labels, these shakers are sure to satisfy spice aisle shoppers and are perfectly suited for setting atop restaurant tables!

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