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Spanish Picual - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spanish Picual - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 17.97
Intense fruity flavor with a bold peppery kick and fresh herbal notes. Pair this robust olive oil up with seared or roasted meats, potatoes, rice-based dishes and stews.

This fine Spanish Picual is characteristic of its variety, featuring a light, fruity flavor and notes of apple in its aroma. The Spanish Picual has a surprising peppery bite that comes through delightfully when used raw. This oil has a light golden color and is lighter in consistency than its Chilean counterpart. Its sweet, buttery flavor is also more pronounced than the lighter Arbequina.

The Spanish Picual is one of our most popular cooking oils. Use this charming oil when sauteing or baking, or brush it on marinated meats and vegetables to seal in flavor before cooking. Try this oil with our Anise or Huckleberry White Balsamic vinegars for fresh, sweet-yet-tart dressing to splash over crisp greens, or use it to thin pesto for a delicious dipping sauce for bread.

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