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Cumin Seeds Whole - Spice

Cumin Seeds Whole - Spice

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(Please note:  ~28.35 grams = 1 oz)

Also Known As: Cumin, Cumin Acre, Sweet Cumin or Anise Acre.

Origin: native from the east Mediterranean to East India.

Ingredients: Cumin Seeds Whole

Taste and Aroma: Slightly bitter, warm and powerful.

Uses: Breads, ingredient of Curry Powders, chili, Mexican food, burritos, tacos, cheese and stews.

Substitutes: Black Cumin Seeds, Coriander, Hot Chili Powder, Nigella Sativa, Curry Powder or Cumin

Fun Fact: An ancient belief states that a bride and groom should carry cumin on their wedding day to guarantee a happy life.

Health Values:

  • Good source of iron required to create hemoglobin in the blood
  • Gluten Free
  • Salt free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan

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