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Lemon Pepper Seasoning - Spice

Lemon Pepper Seasoning - Spice

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(Please note:  ~28.35 grams = 1 oz)

Also Known As: Pepper Lemon Seasoning

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Spices, Citric Acid, Dehydrated Garlic, Black Pepper Oleoresin, Lemon Oil, Tartrazine and not more than 2% Silicon Dioxide and Vegetable Oil added as a processing aid.

Taste and Aroma: Lemony, peppery and delicious.

Uses: Works well with almost anything including meat, vegetables and eggs.

Substitutes: Lemon Garlic Pepper, Black Pepper or Seafood Seasoning

Fun Fact: The exact origin of lemons remains a mystery, although it is believed lemons used to grow on bushes rather than trees.

Health Values:

  • Vegan

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