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Spicy Curry Flavored Sea Salt (4 oz) 113 g

Spicy Curry Flavored Sea Salt (4 oz) 113 g

$ 16.50

Fusion® Spicy Curry Sea Salt is an earthy, heady blend of traditional curry spices and all-natural sea salt. Hints of lemon, dry grass, coconut, toasted cumin and coriander make the aroma of this Fusion salt like a walk through an exotic spice market. Expand your culinary horizons beyond traditional Indian and Thai-inspired dishes by adding it to seafood, chicken, noodles, rice, steamed vegetables and sauces, or pair it with desserts that feature tropical fruits like mangoes and bananas. Bake it into shortbreads and sugar cookies, or top ginger and coconut candies with a sprinkle. The lovely golden glow of our Spicy Curry Sea Salt makes it a beautiful and natural way to add a pop of color to your recipes, as well.


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